Come and relax and experience everything for yourself.

The spa includes a bubble whirlpool, Finnish sauna, steam bath, experience showers with tropical rain and an outdoor cooling room with a wooden tub.

Hot tub

The perfect relaxation surrounded by bubbles.

Benefits: In a bubble bath you will get rid of fatigue and exhaustion after the day’s rush, worries, inconveniences and stress. Thanks to the gentle massage in the warm water, all parts of your body will get better blood circulation, which improves the circulatory system. It also relieves the pain of strained muscles and joints.

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Finnish sauna

Enjoy a sauna by the beautifully heated stove. Let it all wash out of you.

Benefits: Finnish sauna It will help you to improve your immunity because sweating helps the body to get rid of toxic substances. It also has beneficial effects on the skin and complexion. By staying in the Finnish sauna you will exercise important functions of the body such as the proper reaction of blood vessels, skin, heart and nervous system.

Steam bath

Relax in the steam bath and enjoy the tropical rain or the solinator that the bath has prepared for

Benefits: The steam sauna also has beneficial effects on the human body. Rejuvenates and cleanses the skin, reduces cellulite and reduces excess weight. It also affects physical fitness and the human psyche. It induces a feeling of relaxation, balance and relieves stress.

DSC03408 sm Wellness penzion U Grygarů
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The Cooling Room

Cool off after a sauna or steam in our outdoor cooling room, where you can jump into a cold wooden tub or simply relax on the outdoor seating area.

Benefits: By alternating heat stimuli, you will circulate the skin and muscles, which is great for recovery.

We are looking forward to your visit.

Operating hours

MON – SUN from 10:00 am – 10:00 pm

Last booking is possible from 20:00

Wellness serves both accommodated guests and all clients who are interested in our services.

Included in the price is a sheet and towel for each person for wellness, also a cup of tea of your choice

An extra bottle of sparkling wine is free for private hire

Wellness can be rented for groups of up to 10 people.

Gift vouchers

Give your loved ones an experience in our wellness centre! We offer the possibility to purchase GIFT CARDS

Gift vouchers can be purchased ONLINE directly on our website or at the reception our pension, or in the office GTOUR in Lipník nad Bečvou

Contact us

To book, you can use the online booking system directly on our website or contact us by phone below.

We are here for you 24 hours a day

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